Welcome Sky's Mini Piglets!

We provide healthy mini pigs that are raised in a loving home. 
All our pigs come with vaccinations and health guarantee. With proper diet and exercise every piglet will stay under 40 pounds based on the parents size full grown. any full grown pig under 65 pounds is classified as a teacup or a mini pig! Pigs are highly intelligent and affectionate. they are highly food motivated in their training process as well as positive reinforcement with belly rubs and praise. check out the video below to see tricks and training tips.


Training your piglet!

 For the first 2 weeks, go ahead and over indulge your baby with treats (raisins, grapes, Cheerios, etc.) in order to bond more easily. Your pet will quickly learn to come to you to receive the treats and learn to roll over to have its tummy scratched. After you have bonded with your pet you can then cut back on the treats. We want to emphasize that when we say treats we do not mean a handful of treats at a time. We mean using something like one Cheerio or one raisin at a time. Your pet should be willing to take this from your hand gently without biting. Should you feel that your pet is grabby or appear to try to nip to get the treat we suggest you take your finger and tap it on the top of the nose and say no, wait a few seconds, then say start again, be gentle. If they follow the direction they will then receive the treat. People are always amazed at how quickly their pet piggy learns what words and phrases mean. Click below for a basic training guide!

basic training guide

Proud Parents

Rosie is currently pregnant. the gestation period is 4 months. updated pics will be available after delivery!



Piglets will be due in July! Pictures will be updated weekly!